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Belinda wants the work we do to matter, as individuals, as organisations, and citizens of the world. And she works with organisations and people that feel the same.

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If anyone was prepared to help others be heard in the chaos, it’s Belinda. Honing her skills with a lifetime of Brosnan family Christmases (her Dad is one of 15 children and her Mum one of 8), Belinda also spent 20 years working in leadership positions with some of Australia’s biggest name organisations including News Limited, AVJennings, Macquarie Bank and Mirvac. Add to this Belinda’s credentials in executive coaching, conversational intelligence and NeuroLeadership and she’s got a lot to give. Belinda is an advocate and investor with The Hunger Project and has led leadership immersion programs in Uganda, Malawi, India, and Senegal. She is passionate about being a voice for those who don’t have one and giving people the opportunity to lead an expansive life on their terms for the betterment of others, organisations, and communities. She is also a passionate supporter of Cancer Council QLD’s ‘Transport to Treatment’, developed by one of her best friends who died from stage 4 breast cancer in 2020. Belinda was the QLD Telstra Business Women’s Awards winner for Start-Up in 2015.

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