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Widely regarded as one of the top rising stars of Australian comedy Damien has sold out shows around Australia. Damien’s material can range from personal stories about his brother Will Power (a famous Indy car driver) to strong political and social commentary. Having worked for years around Australia from pubs and festivals to large theaters Damien has a wide range of material, winning over audiences with strong delivery, energy and confidence.

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2012 was an incredible year in comedy for Damien. He was selected by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to perform in their exclusive showcase of Australia’s best emerging comedians, The Comedy Zone. Then later in the year he was nominated for Best Comedy at the Sydney Fringe Festival for his solo show Monkeys in Space. Damien is a full time comedian headlining around the country. On top of being a well-respected club comedian he is now building a reputation at major international comedy festivals like the one in Melbourne.

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