Dirty Cash (NSW)

Sydney Based Party Band

About Dirty Cash (NSW)

This Sydney based Band has been performing on the scene for a fair while now in various venues like clubs, pubs, music festivals and backing up for major Australian Musicians and performers.

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Recognized by electrifying the dance floor with their vibrating and powerful performances, the band is formed by four talented and unique musicians, with Antonio a freestyle rapper and magician rocking the drum kit, Maurice a music producer and contemplator on the synthetisers and keyboards, Bret the most excellent dancer-funky guitar player and the powerful red lip lead singer Natasha who also is a very talented and enthusiastic dance director.

Their sound has been described as a mix of the most rhythmical funk, house music and power rock, filling up dance floors with beats and non-stopping hyped bringing audiences to engage to dancing frenzy. Their fans and dance floor followers had label the bands on stage performances as original and full of a signature funk sound defined as beat-em-up. While the band's musicians have been a regular fixture on the music scene within Sydney, they have also played around Australian territory with their original music projects, performing as a backup act with artists like Jessica Mauboy, Paul Mac, Tina Arena and Bardot. In 2014, Dirty Cash travelled to Korea for an appearance at the program “The Voice” along with fellow performers Carlos Velazquez and Rob Edwards. I t was at the end of this year that lead singer Natasha travelled to London to participate on a live performance collaboration with Tina Arena.

Future plans for the band include a collaboration with DJ Lee Kalt and producing more original material for their live act appearances.

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