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At just fifteen years old, Geena Leigh had no choice but to leave home. Without an education or any real options, she found herself being lured into the sex industry by the promise of big money and the validation of strangers.

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Geena turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of day-to-day life as a call-girl and overcome the emotional scars of her past. But even in her darkest hours, Geena refused to accept her circumstances and never stopped striving for freedom and a better life.

Eventually she found the strength to turn things around and set herself on a path to a brighter future. Now, Geena has a double university degree, the career of her dreams and is in a loving relationship. Her autobiography Call Me Sasha was published in January 2014 and debuted as the #1 bestselling non-fiction book in Australia.

Geena studied at Queensland University of Technology where she earned a Bachelor of Business (International Business and Marketing double major) and a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Media and Communications).

When asked why she wrote her memoir Call Me Sasha, Geena’s response was: “I thought someone will read the book and say to themselves. ‘If she got through all that – then I can get through this!’ At the very least, I knew I had a story that would entertain.”

As Geena wrote Call Me Sasha she unearthed a love of writing and is currently undergoing a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at University of Technology, Sydney. She recently installed a parental control on her laptop and blocked the UAC (University Admissions Centre) website because the amount of study she has now undergone is admittedly a bit ridiculous (and expensive).

Geena feels her experiences in sex work were as beneficial to her level of happiness, her ability to contribute to society and to her life in general comparable to that as being in a coma. Now she is free from that world, her life is one million -no, one billion- times better. Geena lives in Sydney, Australia with her plant and kitten.

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