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Hayley is an impressive hula hooping extraordinaire who has created a unique persona which she brings along to every performance.

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Experienced in dancing and illuminated hula-hooping; Hayley invents her own quirky acts to engage her audiences and clients. Hayley grew up dancing and began performing at a sideshow burlesque beauty with a Gypsy Carnival band named Rapskallion at events such as Secret Garden Party and Edinborough Fringe. Hayley went solo six years ago when she was awoken by the idea of her now most notorious character “HOOPDOGG”, sporting an oversized ghetto blaster complete in her own style she calls: HOOP-HOP. She then toured her unique style across Australia Oozing her cuteness all over Woodford in the ‘Big-top’ Palace and ‘The Parlour’, Abolishing stages of, Island Vibe, Adelaide Fringe, sending joyous ripples to Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Alice Desert Festival, Wide open Space, Fed Square and Moulin Beige, on many occasions.

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