Jen Dalitz (NSW)


About Jen Dalitz (NSW)

Jen has a proven track record in developing and executing business strategy at the advisory, executive, and board level. She has founded three start-up businesses and is leading a groundswell to harness the power of followership.

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As an accountant and management consultant by training, Jen certainly speaks the international language of business: numbers. Furthermore from the data and analysis, Jen influences and engages through telling stories and sharing experiences that are relatable and will be remembered, long after the slide-show has faded. Jen’s career in finance and management consulting spans over two decades, diverse industries, international borders and a range of Fortune 500 and ASX50 companies. As a keynote speaker, Jen inspires and provokes the audience to engage and embrace change to actively lead, follow, or get out of the way. As a facilitator and MC, she comfortably commands the room and ensures the audience is engaged and invested in the experience; while her business acumen, consultative approach and back-stage professionalism will put the event organiser at ease.

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