Justin Hamilton

MC Melbourne & VIC

About Justin Hamilton

Not content with standing still, Justin has allowed his desire to push the boundaries take their full flight at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and beyond.  In 2009 year he wrote and starred in “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday” a play that Aussie Theatre Review stated was “…intelligent and surprising storytelling” while the UK based site Chortle claimed it was a “…touching story as warm as it is witty, building delicately to a satisfyingly uplifting conclusion.”

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2010 saw Justin return to what he does best with his stand up show “Idiot Man Child” touring all over Australia in the first half of the year. Justin has not only sold out numerous solo seasons at the Adelaide Fringe and the Melbourne Comedy Festival but also won awards and nominations to go along with them.  He won the 2007 Melbourne Comedy Festival Director’s Award for his show “Three Colours Hammo”, a show that also won the Adelaide Advertiser’s best show award at the 2008 Adelaide Fringe.  His 2008 stand up comedy show “The Killing Joke” was nominated for best show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival that year.

He has toured Australia as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow from 2002 to 2010, taking the last year off to concentrate on radio.  He has also supported Wil Anderson on his national tours from 2006-2010.

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