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Our individual love of music brought us together in mid 2017. Our time together often consisted of road trips filled with classic sing-alongs to beautiful beach rock spots.

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Nothing commands the atmosphere of a room like live music. It is the soundscape that truly captures the emotion of any event and creating this soundscape is what we love doing! When we perform at an event we aren't just playing songs, we are building memories and bringing people together by creating a warm atmosphere with the songs people love. Every event is unique in its composition and the skill is not just in our instruments, but in our ability to read the room, to read that togetherness and tailor our sound accordingly. One of our most unique features is our dynamic range of sound. Unlike most duo's we are both multi-instrumentalists, giving us the freedom to arrange any song simply, with just vocals and guitar, to emulating a full band sound with vocals, keys, guitar and percussive loops... still performed by just us two! Our sound is always live, organic and acoustic, no matter what the occasion we are sure to provide musical entertainment to suit your event.

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