Murray Altham (QLD)


About Murray Altham (QLD)

An inspiring and powerful speaker and facilitator who is an advocate for encouraging innovative thinking alongside a healthy body. Murray is unique, invigorating and entertaining.

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Murray ensures that he is versatile for all of his clients thus he is able to customise his presentations and talks to suit the culture, values and themes of your organisation and additionally to fit your event brief. His specialised topics encompass the fields of both health and performance. These topics are applicable to individual lifestyles and health regimes which is why he is perfect for any event relating to health and well being. His keynote talks around performance are associated with change, leadership and communication. His high energy presence is enhanced by his personality and humour. Murray adds resourceful content and humour to engage with his audience and believes that an individual learns best and engages most when they are genuinely enjoying themselves and what is presented before them. Murray will keep his audience thinking about their future and their long term prospects regarding their stamina and health. Murray is yet both entertaining and informative.

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