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Versatile yet professional media speaker with a range of experience as a MC for various events such as panels, graduations, gala dinners, award nights and balls.

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Renee Brack is a multi-talented well spoken presenter who doubles as a lecturer at SAE Creative Media Institute. She holds a masters of creative arts and a bachelor of arts, in addition she is the author of two plays produced by SHort+Sweet. A documentary she created created a buzz as it went viral on Reddit in 2017. She continues to explore her creative side through writing, producing and hosting film-centric shows. Her speaker roles are not limited to MC, Q&A and panel moderator positions. Experience with screen and media has enabled her to gain a cache of real world anecdotes from behind the scenes. She has interviewed over more than 500 people including Oscar winners; Morgan Freeman and Tarantino. However, she has not just been limited to interviewing celebrities, she has also interviewed a number of CEOs, scientists, pirates in prison, politicians, criminals and extraordinary people. Her speciality topics include transitional management which focuses the obstacles that arise when dealing with change, going back to school and the importance of training and continued education throughout the workplace and the benefits of education. Her final specialised topic is a personal recount of her struggles with dementia. She has applied this topic to her research contributing to her Masters at UTS.

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