Renée Giarrusso (VIC)

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Renee specialises in communication, team building, leadership and sales effectiveness. She will tailor the session to your objectives, audience and time-frame. Bringing in an external speaker can really lift engagement and add variety and another perspective to your event or campaign.

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Specialising in executive coaching, consulting, speaking and facilitated workshops, Renee's key focus areas include leadership, communication, sales effectiveness, transition and coaching. Her programs are tailored to your organisation or individual needs; the program is never a generic out-of-the-box solution. With over 15 years in senior management and sales roles within FMCG, Renee has a great understanding of the needs of executives and leaders to perform at their peak, and she knows well the day-to-day pressures that can be put on individuals to perform and the amazing benefits that self-development can provide to combat this. Renee is a senior iWAM consultant and Advanced Practitioner. This tool enhances the coaching process within team building workshops and can also model high performers in a role and be used as a blueprint during recruitment, coaching & succession planning. She is a member of the ICF and have been an ICF Credentialed Certified Coach and NLP practitioner for over twelve years. In 2016, Renee published Limitless Leadership, a practical guide for exploring where you are at, and what you need to do and think about to lead for even more success.

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