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Writer and broadcaster Titus O’Reily was born in Melbourne and abandoned within hours of his birth. As a result, he was raised by the Sisters of Collective Misery, a kindly but sombre order who placed an emphasis on sport above all other things, including religion. When asked about his early childhood he said 'it was fine'.

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Titus began selling newspapers in the local area at the age of two. By forgoing education, basic hygiene and social interaction with other people, he soon amassed a small fortune in unmarked bills and precious stones. At the age of eight, Titus set off from Melbourne for London in a rowboat containing only himself and a positive attitude. He made the trip in just two months thanks to a powerful stroke and favourable currents. He described the crossing as 'uneventful'. In London, Titus developed a love of drinking, writing and ice skating, the last being something he did professionally across the continent for almost a decade. It was while hiking in Scotland that Titus realised he missed his homeland and he made the momentous decision to return to Australia to write badly about sport. Upon returning to Australia, Titus quickly gained a following amongst people with low self esteem and little education, a sizeable amount of the population. He wrote regularly for The Queenslander until it was discontinued in 1939.

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