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It’s been 22 years since the Australian band, 1927, burst onto the scene with their debut album,…ISH, selling half a million copies in Australia and producing the hit singles “That’s When I Think Of You”, “If I Could”, You’ll Never Know” and “Compulsory Hero”. ISH remains one of the highest selling debut albums ever by an Australian band to this day. Now the story continues with the release of their new album Generation-i. The new album has been three years in the making and is well worth the wait. Generation-i is a beautifully crafted album and once again showcases the songwriting talents of Erik Weideman and the band with a thoughtful and mature selection of new songs that fans old and new will love.

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1927 formed in Melbourne in 1987 as a pop, rock band. In 1984 guitarist and keyboardist Garry Frost had left Sydney-based pop rockers, Moving Pictures, after their second album, Matinée. Frost had co-written Moving Pictures’ 1981 number-one hit “What About Me?” – which was a number-one hit for Shannon Noll in 2004. In late 1986 Frost was writing songs at his home studio for an unformed band project. He was watching Nine Network’s variety series Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s talent segment “Red Faces” when Eric Weideman appeared and performed a cover of The Police’s hit single, “Roxanne”. Garry drove from Sydney to Melbourne, about 880 km (550 mi), to recruit Weideman on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards.

Prior to joining 1927 Weideman had played in various cover bands including, Mixed Feelings, before starting a brief solo career. He later recalled, “I had only just started performing on my own. I was playing at a pub in Melbourne … Then a friend of mine dared me to go on ‘Red Faces'”.The pair were joined by Garry’s brother Bill Frost on bass guitar and James Barton on drums. The band’s name, 1927, was drawn from a hat of suggestions and was from a favourite saying by Garry, “I haven’t done that since 1927″.

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