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We custom-design our show to not only fit into the theme of your event, but be an integral part of the theming. Whilst our performances are strategically placed throughout the night, our performers never stop; they could be absolutely anyone. They could be among the guests; they could be part of the band; they could be the dealer behind the blackjack table at your 'Casino' themed function.

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Acrobatic Action Show Our Acrobatic Action Show is an explosion of awe, suspense, and incredible feats. Whether it be a sit-down or free roam event, wedding or engagement party, we do it all! Imagine the thrill of an Action Show breaking out with no pre-conception or announcement, and watch the crowds flock as they watch on in amazement. Increase the shock factor by including a member of your organisation in our performance as a surprise addition (and then prepare for the crowds to be stunned when they see we’ve turned them into a badass Action star!)

With a stunning array of realistic Action, Acrobatics, and Comedy, from a team of highly trained professionals, Action Reaction is an explosive choice for your events entertainment!

Custom Action Show We custom design and choreograph shows to be an integral part of the theming for your event. Whether you’re holding a Reception, Christmas Party, Product Launch, Film Premiere - we can do it all! It could be themed for Casino, Superheroes, Circus, Wild West, Star Wars - whatever it is, you name it, we become it!

We meticulously set up every aspect of our approaching performance to shock and amaze all of your patrons. Imagine an Action Sequence breaking out when the patrons least expect! Imagine their surprise when our performers (pre-arranged) take a member of your company hostage, such as the CEO - or better yet, imagine their surprise when the Action Star IS the CEO!

We custom create and rehearse these shows to suit your venue, your guests and your theme. We work closely with your event organisers, set organisers and venue organisers to work out a creative plan for your event.

At Action Reaction we have a flair for the dramatic; inquire now and let us bring that to your event with a spectacular Action Show!

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