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Alley Oop’s undeniable love for music has found her getting busy behind the decks wherever there are tunes to be had. Never one to shy away from crowds or loud noises this inherent attention seeker takes to the party like a duck to water.

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With her girlishly playful yet stiff delivery of a unique and exciting sound, Alley Oop's DJ sets will see you get your dance on through an eclectic blend of era defying genres; including disco, boogie, funk, hip-hop, house and tech house. Charismatic and energetic, Alley Oop is a people pleaser, though ever committed to offer something more, blending her love for classic old school jams with their quality new breed derivatives.

With genre hopping style, this chameleon of musical taste embraces opportunities to get glam, provide background beats, or catwalk rhythm at who’s who functions and fashion soirées. While a quick costume change will find her barely recognizable, getting down and sweaty rocking those late night backroom parties.

Recently re-located from Adelaide to Sydney she resides in the Den at Ivy and The East Village. She can also be found making cameo appearances at Hugo's, Ivy Pool, The Establishment, The Club, Electric Circus, Vodka Bar, First, Rocket Bar and Limbo.

Called upon to get the room loose and limber for a varied bunch of talented artists such as 2 Many DJs, Yolanda be Cool, Jack Beats, Riton, Treasure Fingers, Flight Facilities, Fake Blood, The Proxy, The Swiss, Russ Chimes, The Canyons, HMC, Shazam, Anna Lunoe, Harris Robotis, U-go-b, Grant Smillie, DJ Minx of One Love, who says, "I haven't come across a DJ who has got it so together and so right…It's so refreshing & so is her sound for that matter!"

Alley Oop is coming to a party near you, and it’s going to be nothing short of seismic.

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