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Bonnie Anderson is no longer the 12 year old girl you remember from Australia’s Got Talent! Now 19 years old, Bonnie Anderson has spent years polishing her performance and song-writing skills to arrive at this point – confident, grown up and ready to shine; she knows her own mind and understands what she wants to communicate through music. After her win on Australia’s Got Talent in 2007, Bonnie declined taking the route of the instant popstar and opted instead to put her head down and work solidly on developing herself as an accomplished song-writer and performer – the results of which are now being revealed with Bonnie releasing her first singles as a fully-formed recording artist with an extensive performance resume.

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Her debut single “Raise The Bar” was a collaboration between Bonnie and song-writing/production powerhouse DNA Songs, which impacted heavily on commercial radio in late 2013 and amassed video views of over 170k. 2013 also saw Bonnie turning heads at her first ARIA awards ceremony – her outfit more than subtly hinting at the fact that she’s now all grown up. Her new single “Blackout” came out of a collaboration between Bonnie and renowned songwriters Johnny Powers Severin, Eric Sanicola & Ameerah Roelants during a writing trip to Los Angeles earlier this year. The track was produced by Johnny Powers Severin and Eric Sanicola (RedOne Productions) As Bonnie recalls, “Blackout” came from a conversation we were having about boys… hot boys! It is about a desperate desire and wanting something so badly and so passionately, you just have to have it now! The ‘blackout’ is that intense secret moment between you and that person, and nothing else matters.”

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