Comic Roasts

Sydney & NSW

About Comic Roasts

Satirical songsters Geoff Sirmai & David Fisher make your special event truly unique by dishing up made-to-order musical comedy. Comic Roasts create a 30-minute satirical revue that gently takes the mickey while celebrating your gang in song. Roast the boss, toast the team, celebrate your success! Brief us on your company, the 'big boss' or the whole team and we'll dish up an original revue that puts them all in the spotlight! It's music, it's comedy, it's satire… all set to familiar tunes.

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A Comic Roast is a 30-minute tailor-made musical revue that satirises your team, while celebrating them in song! Comic Roasts create a show of song and  ‘shtick’ that roasts your boss and toasts your team, all set to familiar tunes. And because it starts with a thorough personal briefing, the comedy always hits the right note!

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