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DeepBlue combines the lush strings of an orchestra, the groove of a band, the drama of theatre, the feeling of a movie and the excitement of a circus. In their new show Who Are You, Australia’s string rock sensation, remix Radiohead, Gotye, Muse, Bowie and DeepBlue originals. The performers’ exquisite playing, precision moves, circus antics and immersive visuals are guaranteed to delight audiences.

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Since 2008 DeepBlue have received huge exposure through their live performances and TV appearances across the country, and at massive festivals and in India, Taiwan, Malyasia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Shanghai World Expo. Since DeepBlue began, they have constantly interacted with their audience through mobile technology. Initially, inviting their fans to SMS in their dreams and song requests, DeepBlue now get to know their audience via their ground-breaking web app, the Interactive Programme. Audiences use their G3 and Wi-Fi enabled devices to access our Electronic Show Programme (ESP) that is full of info about DeepBlue’s music. DeepBlue runs regular YoungBlue workshops with over 6000 kids from all over Australia.

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