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For DJ Oscar V, there is a solid dedication to what some would call the blessing of music. Pounding into the sounds of RnB, hip hop, reggaeton house, moombahton and electro, this Sydney born but Brisbane embraced DJ calls the shots from one side of the decks to the other!

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This Latino created a name for himself when his heritage cored his drive for success in the music industry. Born and raised in Australia, Oscar was bound for a phenomenal career with the strong Latino heritage his culture instilled. Anchored with an inspiration for the live approach from DJs and various other artists plus an edged background in heavy metal, Oscar V brings to the industry assets worth investing in. As Queensland’s reggaeton boss, Oscar has tormented dance floors across the state from the Annual Zombiefest, RnB Quest, Magic City, Birdee Num Num’s, Family Nightclub and The Drink. Its these sure spots that have given rise to the enviable support sets for honchos like Naughty By Nature, The Cuban Brothers, Kanye West and Tony Touch. Whipping cliques into hysteria, the demand for Oscar V never needs justification!

Playing to the crowd and bringing what every party deserves, he has taken over with charisma to match. Amalgamating genres to fit, Oscar isn’t scared to cross the line, bringing together the buzz of musical uniqueness from everywhere while amping the night on the mic. Recently signed to V Kon Records, its 2012 where Oscar V’s firing drive will cruise straight into sublime town, bringing music, vibe and the taste of his own events to come.

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