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Featuring the Aria award winning vocals of Jason Bird, along with the very talented Jessica D’Cunha, GTA provide vocal melodies and harmonies unheard of in bands today. The vocals are backed by a super tight 4 piece band with the talents of Zaamien Tallis on Drums, Gregg Downard on Guitar, Gordon Cant on Keyboards and Stephen Walker on Bass.

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  G.T.A take on top of the chart grooves, classic smash hits of yesteryear along with the best tracks from the past 2 decades while dropping a new spin on them with a G.T.A twist. If your looking for an act to cater to a wide audience, talented professional musicians, a fun engaging show, not just an outfit on a stage, then the GTA Experience is what you require. Our unique sound is something that cannot be imitated or reproduced. There is no night out like a night out with Grand Theft Audio! Have you had the G.T.A Experience?

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