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About Heather Myers (NSW)

Heather is one of Sydney’s most popular belly dancers, and is currently the resident dancer at many of Sydney’s top Arabic restaurants, function centres and nightclubs Heather has been studying, performing and teaching Middle Eastern Dance for the past 12 years.

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She has undertaken extensive training locally and internationally with master teachers such as Randa Kamel, Soraya, Aida Nour, Mohammed Kazafy, Caroline, Kaeshi Chai (Belly Queen), Keti Sharif, Jrisi Jusakos and Jane. Heather continues to train on a weekly basis with Hathor Dance Studio. Heather is a certified teacher of Keti Sharif’s A-Z belly dance original and advanced stage techniques. She has also taught and performed in Tokyo. In 2008 Heather was invited to appear in the Australian movie “The Combination”.

Heather is also a member of The Hathor Dance Theatre – a contemporary dance company focusing on high level belly dance and world fusion. Heather’s elegant and glamorous style of Raks Sharki fuses classical and modern techniques incorporating isis wings, sword balancing, zills, veil, fan veil, candelabra and assaya (stick/cane dance). Regular trips to the Middle East ensure that Heather has an understanding what is culturally appropriate and this is reflected in her shows and costuming.  Performances can be tailored to meet the needs of your event, and are suitable for all ages and backgrounds.

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