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The restrained beauty of Jac Stone's Bones EP exhibits the 24-year-old Brisbane singer-songwriter's considerable talent. Stone's songs range from tender indie folk ('If You Go', 'Trying To Be Sorry') to downbeat Americana ('Bones', Better Off') to the EP's black sheep, a rollicking country pop song ('Cheating'). All this shows a multi-faceted musician who needn't be beholden to any one genre.

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"There wasn't ever any intention of what it was going to sound like or what feel the songs, as a whole, were going to create. We really just chose the songs that we loved the most and wanted to share" she says of the five songs here. At times you can hear uncertainty, a fragile vulnerability to Stone's lyrics that let the listener close to her heart. At other times, she's completely steeled. But Stone doesn't think too much about that. Music hasn't always been a part of Jac Stone's life. Growing up in regional Queensland, there wasn't much in the way of musical education. She was drawn to strong female artists, especially the solo ones like Jewel and Alanis Morrisette. But that was no hindrance to her love for writing. As a young girl she'd pen poetry and, once she started to learn the guitar, would put it to music. "I always wrote poetry when I was really young. I remember writing all the time and having this fascination and love for rhyme. I started singing and playing guitar when I was about 13." Stone is ready to make the music she wants to make, and that shows on this EP. Recent years of performing countless shows and writing large amounts of material has helped her realise she must write for herself. As such, Stone's songs aren't dependent on musical trends. "You're fighting off that urge to give people what you think they want, and at the same time trying to figure out what kind of music you want to be playing." she says. "I'm learning to not be so shy and not take it so seriously. I'm learning to have fun, and that's taken a while." Stone took a huge leap in conquering others' perceptions by appearing on The Voice in 2013, where she made the finals and earned her first spot in the ARIA singles charts. "The whole thing was really positive for me, it was amazing," she says of her time on the show. "The main reason I would have avoided the show would have been because I cared about what people thought, and I didn’t want to anymore. So I took the chance, and it was liberating." With that experience behind her, Stone is ready to let her own music do the talking again.

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