James MacLean (NSW/VIC)


About James MacLean (NSW/VIC)

Triathlete and Paralympian, James Maclean has proven himself as a resilient survivor of a horrific accident.

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During fitness training near his hometown in June 1988, John Maclean was hit by an 8-tonne truck as he rode his bike. The impact resulted in John suffering multiple breaks to his pelvis and back, a fractured sternum, punctured lungs, a broken arm, and left John a paraplegic. It took astonishing courage and determination, but somehow this near-fatal accident was the making of him. While John's own story is an account of setbacks and facing up to them, John's message is not about those challenges, or how they got there, but about finding the inner strength to manage, even flourish, through what can seem insurmountable. Corporations across the globe seek John's wisdom and inspiration invaluable in achieving focus and delivering potential.

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