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Australia may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of soul music, but here to turn your preconceived notions about music in Australia upside down is Sydney based writer, publicist, singer and music lover Kristie Nicolas, aka Kitten Jam. Growing up in family of creative folks, Kristie was thrown into music from a young age as a singer, establishing a strong connection and affinity with soul, funk & reggae.

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Over the years, discovering soul music artists, new and old, became somewhat of an intense love affair. Not one to be content keeping all the musical treasures she discovered to herself, the love affair with music led to Kristie writing about soul music and eventually studying public relations. This was in part to deal with the frustration of seeing so many talented artists struggling to get exposure for their music, and to open people’s eyes (and ears) to the quality music that was being over looked by the masses.

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