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In his life Max Walker has experienced most speaking scenarios in a diverse range of locations – from magnificently appointed high-tech theaters and glamorous ballrooms, to the outdoor arenas of the Australian desert. Given Max’s vast life experience and genuine curiosity for what makes people and organizations tick, he consistently produces tailor-made keynote presentations full of relevance and impact. It is his education, confidence and ability to deliver that takes the risk or “unknown quantity”” from the speaker equation.

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Max has hosted 3,000 plus hours of ‘live’ television, bringing another strong positive to the presenter role. He is well educated, well traveled, a wonderful story teller and a successful businessman.

His speaking roles have included formal Master of Ceremonies to hosting complex award events… keynotes, workshops, after dinner and gala ball extravaganzas. These invitations have enabled Max to travel to most parts of Australia and the world, and have included destinations such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Vancouver, Cape Town, Hawaii, Johannesburg, Singapore, Harare, London, Auckland.

Max is well traveled, an elite athlete, an extraordinary communicator and a successful businessman who loves nothing better than to push the creative envelope. His content and topics have continued to evolve and refresh.

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