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THE 8TH WONDER IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! From the brain child of one of Brisbane’s most experienced corporate musicians, Matt Cocking is proud to present a brand new sound and look, giving you what you have been searching for - ODYSSEY! Odyssey is a new generation of show, that is adaptable, innovative and features a fresh new line up.

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Odyssey’s popularity and place within the market is assured as the 8 man crew of ODYSSEY save you from the drones with their photon tractor beam. Find yourself being drawn in and quite at home doing silly dance moves as directed by the crew. First class all the way, everyone leaves with memories to share and sore feet to rest! “...from Ayres Rock to Bali, these guys will party ANYWHERE!” In a time when ‘something new’ is the scream for help from the event world, entertainment must keep up with constant innovation.

Odyssey will give you a “now” performance while also providing the quality assurance clients can rely on. If you are looking for an escape from the ordinary and are prepared to blast through the ‘Nutbush’ wormhole in ‘Time Warp’ speed, then look no further than the talented Showband of ODYSSEY.

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