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For the first time internationally acclaimed Tokyo based act Orient Rhythm will be available in Australia for bookings from the 13th to the 31st October. Orient Rhythm's performance has to be seen to be believed... His setup is not complex and his performance is suitable for corporate events, special events, product launches, and festivals.

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Orient Rhythm combine feature movement and the rhythm of the Karate and Kabuki that is the traditional culture of Japan with Street dance and created original dance style. Japan's traditional culture has "Japanese Cool" crystallized in it. We first started to study about the uniqueness of Japan's traditional culture, and realized that KARATE stances and KABUKI poses have distinct rhythm and movements. We extracted this rhythm and movement, and combined it with street dance to create a totally new type of dance.

This is the "ORIENTARHYTHM" which was created in 1991. Especially, our style which uses Nunchaku (KARATE's self-defense tool) are dynamic and sharp movement!! Through our original dance style, we would like to introduce "Japanese Cool" to everybody around the world. We also hope that our dance performances will become a catalyst to generate an interest in Japanese culture.

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