Rogue Dolls (NSW)

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About Rogue Dolls (NSW)

The Rogue Dolls bring every event to life, with a huge array of incredible costumes, exciting choreography and unforgettable performances!

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The Rogue Dolls feature in 6 amazing production shows, which can all be scaled down to suit corporate events, or booked as they are for larger dinner shows and special events. Often clients have a specific theme requirement for either a dance performance to suit the heme of their event, or for meet & greet/hostessing, this can be achieved with our huge range of costuming & choreography!

Rogue dolls are much more than exceptional dancers! Each doll must be absolutely stunning, an amazing performer, personable, enthusiastic and reliable….

These distinct qualities make the dolls ideal for; Corporate hostessing, Modelling, Guest meet & greet, Promotions and events

The dolls will bring a unique and beautiful element of class to all corporate functions

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