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Sarah has been creating unique works of art for over a decade. With over 600 clients and over 200 events, Sarah is well and truly establishing her mark in a rare niche of the entertainment industry. Performing for corporate events, weddings, festivals, fundraiser, trade shows, schools, and more, Sarah seeks to not only entertain, but to inspire.

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American - born contemporary artist, Sarah Rowan Dahl, resides in the Sydney, Australia. She is known for creating art that engages audience to become a part of the artistic experience. This form of art, experiential painting, sees the artist creating art in public spaces. 10 years of Live art experience has seen Sarah perform at corporate functions ranging from cocktail parties to stage performances, debates and board room meetings. Her passion for bold, vibrant colours has stemmed from her passion to inspire and encourage audiences. While spinning easels act as a novelty for her performances, there is also a more profound aspect to her act.

Team Building exercises are not uncommon for Sarah as she uses art to bring people together in a collaborative environment. Sarah's wholesome LIVE art experiences have been called upon by AMP, Hewlett - Peckard and the Bank of America to charities such as the The Salvation Army.

With her hear set on raising over one million for charities, Sarah has raised up to 23.5K at one LIVE event and aiming for more. Selected clients include ANZ, AMP, Hewlett Packard, Beam Suntory, Mi9, The Salvation Army and the Business Chamber of NSW. From board room meetings, team building events, cocktail parties, debates, etc. her works can also be interactive and allow audience participation. She aims to raise over $1 million for charities through the sale of her work.

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