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Scott Pape is not your typical financial advisor. He has a fresh take on an all too often boring topic – encouraging people to use their time, creativity and cash to create a unique life – and tread your own path. Scott has been heralded as the Jamie Oliver of finance and is a successful stockbroker, media commentator and author.

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Formerly an investment advisor with one of Melbournes leading finance firms EL & C Baillieu, Scott made headlines in 2004 with the publication of his first book The Barefoot Investor, which was an overwhelming success. The book has since been printed in the UK, Holland and Korea and in 2007 a revised and updated version was released in Australia.

Sir Richard Branson probably said it best when he stated, The Barefoot Investor makes finance fun. His mum agrees.

It is Scotts unique ability to combine his knowledge, experience and infectious humour to achieve what most people thought was impossible – to carve a niche in the financial market targeted at younger generations.

Scott uses his exceptional ability to tap into the psyche of younger generations to deliver street-wise strategies to people who simply dont do finance. He understands the pressures faced by young people on a day-to-day basis and the extremely competitive economic environment in which they are surrounded.

Scott understands that having a degree is by no means a ticket to a successful career and financial happiness and when giving advice he, in his own words, keeps it real. His skill in communicating so effectively with Generations X and Y helping Scott to fast track his way to becoming an Australian household name.

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