The Champers Parlour


About The Champers Parlour

Are you looking for the "next big thing" for your event? Look no further. The Champers Parlour is a modern twist on old world elegance that is exotic & glamourous. Our French aerial hostess is perched high in the air, surrounded by glittering neon lights, who then swings down to pour bubbles for her adoring guests below.

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The Champers Parlour is the perfect ingredient to create a celebratory atmosphere and for the seasoned event goer who thinks they have "seen it all".

Lights can be changed to suit a variety of colours including pink, yellow, purple, green, blue or red and costumes also can be customised to suit any theme. Bottles can also be themed to suit any beverage, this apparatus is not limited to just champagne.

If you are looking for a new way to engage your audience and strengthen brand experience through an interactive performance, The Champers Parlour is a must at your next event. Give your guests something they have never seen before and put your event or brand on the map.

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