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Their synchronised moves and killer harmonies have already garnered comparisons to the legendary Jackson 5. "I was looking to see if there was a Jermaine Jackson [among you] but it's all Michael's," Chris Isaak said. The Fisher Boys were raised in Australia by their New Zealand born parents, both professional musicians.

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  Conrad, 17, still attends high school; Joshua, 19, works as an educator's assistant; while Brandford, 18, and Tyler, 23, work as tradies when they're not making music. They all started singing music and learning musical instruments at a very early age. "We grew up singing and playing music together in the same house. It wasn't hard getting a rehearsal in." The band already have a huge social following after their dad posted one of their jam sessions on YouTube. "It got a bunch of shares and likes," Joshua said. They describe themselves more as mates than brothers. "Our hope is to be the biggest band out and have a career like the Red Hot Chili Peppers," Tyler says. "They had a number one song and album the year I was born and then again when I was in Year 11. We want to be a sick band that has that kind of longevity."

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