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Tim Ellis is Australia’s World Champion Close Up Magician and considered a master in the field of “Strolling Magic”. He breaks the ice by mingling with your guests at cocktail functions, banquets, and trade shows performing mind-blowing magic with only borrowed objects and expert sleight of hand.

It’s 100% fun and perfect for dinners, cocktail parties, and conferences as the magic happens right in the hands of your guests and under their very noses. For months later your guests will be calling you asking:

“How did he change the time on my watch?” “How did his photo get onto my credit card?” “How can I get him for my party?”


Imagine a full theatre show performed for just a handful of people.

That’s exactly what Tim Ellis presents when he performs his Close-Up Magic Shows. No other form of entertainment works so brilliantly when it comes to entertaining a small group of people in a board room, in a private room at a restaurant, or even a dinner party at home.

Every guest has a front row seat as Tim Ellis demonstrates incredible sleight of hand in an hilariously entertaining show where the audience is encouraged to watch as closely as possible.

Currently Tim Ellis offers a 30 minute and a 60 minute Close-Up Show. Each show can be presented purely as entertainment, or as The Corporate Wizard show which demonstrates how businesses can learn how to “think outside the square”.


Comedy and Magic are a great combination for any occasion.

When Tim Ellis performs, he doesn’t tell jokes and do tricks. He involves the entire audience as he performs amazing feats they talk about for years. The comedy comes from the situations and the reactions of the audience members on stage who always end up looking like the stars of the show.

Tim Ellis offers two sensational 30-45 minute magic solo shows guaranteed to be the highlight of any event.

The Bulletproof Act: Tim’s classic act featuring the infamous ‘Bill to Banana’. This trick can be performed in any venue under any conditions, with or without a stage – from an overcrowded restaurant to the Palladium at Crown Casino.

Mindstarters: This is more of a magic stage show and not as portable as The Bulletproof Act. It involves music and sound effects which enhance such effects as ‘Razorblade Eating’, ‘The Virtual Card Trick’ and many more cunning stunts designed to get your guests minds jump started!

WAKE UP MAGIC: Conferences can be sooooo boring!

How many times have we heard that complaint? That’s why Tim Ellis created Wake Up Magic.

Tim Ellis will attend your conference as the host, starting off each session with a great piece of audience participation magic to wake up all of your delegates, rev them up and get them alert, laughing, responsive, thinking and in the right frame of mind to get the most out of your speakers. You’ve paid a fortune for your speakers, don’t waste them on a sleeping audience!

It’s truly magic how Tim really stimulates their minds and gets them into the perfect ‘problem solving’ mode ready for your next session.

Tim can also attend your conference during the breaks, and perform some of his strolling magic to really recharge them. A magical message to remember!


For over 30 years Tim Ellis has been performing magic with other people’s products. He has used his magic to present a message in a way that will never be forgotten.

When Motorola wanted to explain the 7 new features of their latest phone, Tim was able to create 7 tricks, each one clearly explaining the phone’s features in an entertaining and magical way.

He’s been called upon to make new products magically appear.

He’s travelled around Australia on ‘Roadshows’ turning mundane product nights into hot-ticket events that clients actually look forward to attending!

He’s been employed to increase the traffic at trade show booths and boy can he pull a crowd!

When people see Tim’s magic performed, they tell their friends about each trick in great detail. If he performs the tricks with your product, then that’s what they’ll all be talking about. That’s real magic!

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