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In less than ten years, Timmy Trumpet has successfully breached from the international stage as an acclaimed Jazz musician to the field of global dance music. Now as a joined DJ-Instrumentalist, he’s ranked in the top 10 DJ’s in Australia (ITM Poll), performed at Ibiza’s iconic Pacha Club and Miami’s WMC, and mixed both Ministry of Sound and Pacha CD’s featuring his own Aria Chart popular hit ‘Sassafras’. Legitimately dubbed “the busiest DJ in Australia” Timmy moderate 7 flights a week, managing over 200 shows per year, this number includes all the major festivals, he also developed his own clothing label, managed a night club, and co-stared on the FOX8 reality TV show ‘The Stafford Brothers’. Book this exclusive trumpet player,Timmy Trumpet for your next and get ready to mark that the most happening one.

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At the early age of thirteen he won ‘Young Musician of the Year’ it was after this that the Sydney Conservatorium of Music granted him a full scholarship, where Anthony Heinrich (Sydney Symphony Orchestra) tutored him. Only two years passed when he secured the leading solo trumpet player position in the Australian All-Star Stage Band, becoming a part of an extensive European tour (Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Holland) covering some of the biggest Jazz Festivals in the world, which included Montreux and the North Sea Jazz Festivals. After developing perfect pitch at a young age, his progression towards dance music has been encouraged by his ability to effortlessly combining in-key, perfecting the art of improvisation.
The great success of The Live DJ Trumpeter experiment, provided the beginning of a career in dance music. After closing a contract with the legendary house label HedKandi, he flew to England, this lead to touring and performing to record crowds at Mass (South Korea), Full Moon Party (Thailand), and playing with Erick Morillo at Pacha (Ibiza).
The Stafford Brothers introduced him to the Australian market outside the Sydney area, this lead him to learn what he needed about music and business, taking the brothers as good role models. Growing a very strong bond with the DJ duo, he became their main supporting act while touring around Australia.
He would soon find himself a co-star role on ‘The Stafford Brothers’ FOX8 reality TV series. In 2011 his musical career was unstoppable, he became the main supporting act of Mo-town legendary musician Stevie Wonder on his exclusive Australian show. That same year, he was ranked in seventh place at Australia’s DJ (second in NSW) at the ITM Music Awards.
Some of his current projects include being part of the line-up at the Future Music Festival National Tour, continuing filming ‘The Stafford Brothers’ Season 3 in Los Angeles (CA) and mixing ‘Ministry of Sound Sessions 9 CD’ featuring 2 of his own tracks proving he is a mayor musician to look upon.

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