Corporate Entertainment Events – A Positive Move to Come Closer to Your Business Stakeholders


Are you thinking about corporate entertainment, what it actually is, or what role does it play? Well, it is a form of entertainment generally provided by corporate companies to employees, customers, and other stakeholders.It helps the people get the opportunity to relax and bond with each other. This isn’t a boring kind of interacting period rather it is quite an interesting one which you can plan in the form of events, parties etc. or outside in form of outings, picnics and others.
Any such occasion is helpful in linking up the workers better and motivates them to get back to work with extra enthusiasm.

Who provides the entertainments?

Quite naturally, the entertainers serve the duty of entertaining the guests. However, any layman or any person with limited knowledge about these artists may find it difficult to hire seasoned artists. Notably, the entertainment agencies are the best to consider in any such situation, as they own the list of all the artists who are capable of entertaining the people.These agencies act as a link between the two parties- the hirers and the hired and help them by forming apt connections. They could provide you with almost every kind of entertainment you want for your guests.

Entertainments and its types

These agencies open up Pandora’s Box to serve corporate entertainment to their clients and ensure entertainment for all kinds of people, moods and functions. They sign the most happening musicians and artist from top platforms to entertain the guests. Bands also show their own magic apart from the magicians whom you can hire for your kids and their happiness. Stand-up comedy, dance performances, circus acts- name them and you get them.
Just to extend the list of entertainers, you can rope in a slew of artists to amuse the guests till the end. Yes, you could hire cover & party bands, DJs, Soloists, Duos & Trios, Magicians, Pop/rock artists, Jazz & Swing bands, Masters of Ceremonies, famed artists from renowned TV shows like Australia’s Got Talent, Australian Idol, etc. The list is endless.

What are you waiting for?

Are you already excited to be a perfect to any such event? If yes, then hire one of the renowned entertainment agencies today and make way for an incredible night full of entertain, fun, and enjoyment for you and your guests. Once you organize any such event, your guests would only crave for more of such events on frequent basis. Besides promoting you as the most prolific event organizers, such occasions also add up to the credibility of your business.

Book Live Performance with Renowned Event Production Agency


Entertainment is the primary part of every event. It holds the attention and interest of the audience and gives utmost pleasure and delight. When it comes to celebrity entertainment, Apples & Pears came to be known as one of the facilitators of entertainment services. It is a commercial booking agency and work for multinationals, corporations, and high profile clients they also accept requests for charitable causes all over the world.

Apples & Pears is a global entertainment specialist and a talent booking agency. It provides unique and exciting entertainment options for events across the globe. As APE is located in the vicinity, it serves as a major threat to all its competitors. It is passionate about delivering unique, exceptional dining experiences, and creating delicious food that looks great and tastes even better. This entertainment agency enables clients to book celebrity artists, bands, speakers, athletes, DJ’s and lecturers for corporate and private functions.

Earlier, it was very hard to find entertainers, but nowadays there are numerous entertainment agencies and companies whose primary focus is to make the occasion as unique as possible. Apples and Pears is the most popular entertainment agency that offers a wide range of entertainers, including dancers, magicians, game players, corporate speaker, comedians, hypnotists, seminar leaders, live musicians, etc. Live music can transform the event into very special and memorable moment. Live entertainment helps in widening network and entertains the entire audience attending the show. If you want to stand out of the crowd and make your night unique and memorable, then you should choose celebrity entertainment this time for your event.

The entertainment agencies have professional percussionists who create different rhythms and patterns to entertain guests. The audience will be mesmerized with plethora of beats and will leave no chance but to relax and enjoy. The live shows involve the participation of the best in class orators and consultants for your corporate gatherings. A team of experts are ready to help you in your corporate gatherings and deliver the key points in the best possible ways. Entertainers, from comedians to singers, orators, magicians, and rock bands are geared up to make the occasion a memorable one.

If you are looking to book for vintage and themed entertainment program for your next corporate event or wedding function, then you should check out the company profile of Apples & Pears and know more about wonderful entertainment services available for your event.

How Keynote Speakers Could Mesmerise the Audience in a Live Entertainment?

In any event, the prime focus of the organiser is on making it as unique as possible,which makes live entertainment an ultimate necessity. Indeed, an electrifying live show is next to none when it comes to engaging the audiences. It surpasses the excitement of all the pre-recorded entertainers and infuses a fresh life into an event. Moreover, you could tweak any such custom-made show according to the taste and preference of crowd. You can get corporate team builders, keynote speakers, orators, comedians, jazz groups, and etc.

Why live entertainment?

Live Entertainment involves the participation of best in class orators, innovation consultants for your corporate gatherings. They are there to help you in your corporate gatherings and to deliver the key points in the best possible ways. For example, you can get a corporate team builder to enhance the team spirit of the working professionals with some team building exercises. Entertainers, from comedians to singers, and from magicians to rock bands are also there to lighten up the pressure in corporate award ceremonies. Furthermore,you can find the best and most appropriate speaker for your shows and gatherings whether corporate or spiritual.

Importance of keynote speakers

While all the other items in live entertainment hold distinctive essence, the keynote speaker however holds the tendency to pilfer the rumble right in the first few moments of their appearance. Technically speaking, keynote refers to a conversation that kicks off the underlying theme of an event. The concerned speaker has an important responsibility on their shoulders to cut short the core message of the event in his witty, comic, yet meaningful one-liners.To ensure a sure shot success for the show, here are few things to look for:

  • The speaker should be able to grasp the gist of your meeting
  • His speaking manner should be good enough to mesmerise the audience right from the beginning.
  • Make sure that the person is capable of infusing humor, singing, audience participation and several other engaging activities during his stint with the stage.
  • His industry research work and speaking skills are worthy of making your event a memorable one.

Choosing the best entertainers

It is always good to choose from vast range of live entertainers to give your function a rocking treatment. Some of the top-notched companies such as A.P.E are able to provide you celebrity entertainers from famous talent shows as well. There are dance troops, comedians, rock artist’s magicians and more to make your event or gathering the most talked about topic of your town. Not to mention, a celebrity keynote speaker would further accentuate the essence of your event to manifolds, with his dexterity in public speaking.

Live entertainment Shows – Keeping You Spellbind with Exhilarating Performances

Entertainment proves an icebreaker amidst the routine of the daily life. It not only helps relaxation but also rejuvenates the soul and mind. Entertainment also improves social bonding among people.

Why live entertainment is so popular?

Live Entertainment has its own significance at corporate events as the performers in these shows know how to gain the crowd’s attentions throughout the performance. People attending the show believe it is worth their time and money, through specialised interactions taking place in between the performer and guests. The guests have proven to take more interest in the event if they receive individual attention.

This type of entertainment is flexible with all different types of events. Presence of famous performers who are well known in the industry act as icing on the cake in a large event. These are the most appropriate options for the large events.

Moreover, these presentations do not require the implementation of pre-planned strategy, as the live entertainers are well rehearsed and know the tactics to hold the audience for the required time.

Qualities of seasoned performers

A rule of the live entertainment production requirements is, always hire the live performers or an entertainer possessing the following characteristics:

• Knowledge about body language
• Knows how to mesmerize the guests
• Interactive performance with the ability to involve the audience within the act
• Ability to get jaw dropping reactions from the attendees
• Professional in creating memorable performances, which people remember for a long time, and that too in a
positive way.
• Able to provide the audience with memorable entertainment.

Live entertainment is advantageous in multiple ways such as increasing networks, entertaining special guests in a professional manner, etc. The main purpose of such events is to entertain everyone attending the show. The performers try their best to have the audiences return with positive and cheerful memories of their act.