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Proximity to a service is what defines the value of a facilitator – this is exactly what an entertainment agency is. A facilitator of entertainment services.

The proximity that A.P.E has to talent (both national and international) is what separates us from all of our competitors and is the primary reason why we are the choice of all major event companies and event managers when looking to book their entertainment.

Let’s delve into this a little more and explain how this has come to be…

We began our life within the Recording Industry as a Record Label (iSPY Records P/L) a Music Publishing Company (Elephant Music P/L) and a recording studio (In The Pocket Productions). All this while running the Entertainment Division of Consolidated Lawyers. Our background is within the Recording Industry and not outside of it.

Therefore, the relationships we hold with talent and their management and associated record labels are both personal and professional ones that have spanned nearly 20 years now.

The 2021 CQ University Village Festival featured Apples & Pears Entertainment talent management

When A.P.E is commissioned to source talent, we do not call artist agencies. We call management. We call Tour Management. Directly. One degree of separation. Facilitating both information and costs for our clientele at a moment’s notice and not subjecting them to awaiting the trail of information to reach them from multiple different sources.

There are only a handful of ‘agents’ that work out of offices across Australia and the emergence of ‘website agencies’ have pushed the costs of celebrity and in demand artists to figures outside of most event budgets. This is directly due to the large degrees of separation between these ‘agencies’ and the talent (or their management), which results in multiple margins being paid to multiple facilitators.

A.P.E wish to inform as many event colleagues as they can, that such talent is no longer out of the reach of their events. A.P.E can promise to our clientele the closest degree of separation and therein the most cost effective, fluid and professional facilitation of their booking by a licenced and experienced booking agency that specialises in the fields of corporate and private events.

The rising demand for the services of A.P.E to produce entertainment packages for the corporate and private sector has forced A.P.E to relinquish its initial title of boutique entertainment specialists and assume the role of who many now consider the official market leaders of specialised event entertainment bookings and facilitation throughout Australasia.

With A.P.E offices and staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Macau we provide the easiest accessibility to artists represented by established senior entertainment managers that we speak to on a daily basis. Together with an AV Division with permanent staff in both Sydney & Melbourne, (as well as AV partners throughout Australia and Asia), A.P.E offers their clientele an opportunity to delegate to one provider for all of their event’s entertainment needs.

Nothing is now out of reach through A.P.E’s vast contact base and influence within an industry that they have been firmly entrenched in for the last decade.

Above all else though, A.P.E’s professionalism is what guarantees their client what money simply cannot buy…

Peace of Mind.

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