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Ava David has come a long way since becoming a professional singer/ song-writer only 6 years ago. Not only has she starred on one of the biggest prime-time reality TV shows (Ava from Big Brother 2012) she's headlined high profile events as a vocalist, model, MC - there is not much she cannot do. Ava is what you’d consider an all-round entertainer extraordinaire.

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Her performance displays such depth of talent. Her vocal style ranges from soul to pop with a rock edge. She has such incredible range and unique tone allowing her to lull from sultry acoustic to crowd-arousing up-tempo performance. She is a true entertainer able to evoke emotion with real heart whilst delivering an ambient and captivating experience.   Her sultry look and rare artistry means Ava's making waves as a songbird as well as a fashion brand ambassador. Having appeared on stage in front of hundreds of thousands, Ava is a natural in front of a crowd. Despite her popularity and growing reputation as a gifted vocalist, Ava  is humble about her craft. ‘It's all about creating the feel-good experience. Whether it's a small or grand-scale event, never play for yourself, always for your crowd,’ she says. ‘It’s important to never take any experience for granted and enjoy each moment."   Ava's passion for music is undeniable when you watch her live in action. Her charisma and commitment with every note shows why she is so highly sought after. Ava is regularly seen on stage servicing the ‘A-listers’ of the Australian event calendar.

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