Adrian Dean aka Trickstar (NSW)


About Adrian Dean aka Trickstar (NSW)

Welcome to the electrifying world of magic and comedy where danger meets quirky including death defying stunts and amazing feats of skill.

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Trickstar is a multi-skilled magician and juggler incorporating a unique blend of side show stunts and circus skills. This is not your ordinary rabbit out of a hat magic show. With over 20 years experience Trickstar is able to work in numerous environments including intimate situations to large arena’s.

With a bang and a boom, a flash of fire, be astounded and amazed by Adrian Dean, a comedy magician like no other. Be mystified by his magic and trickery, the sleight of hand and the illusions de grandeur all bound together with ropes and gags and a lemon or two. Adrian has been dazzling his audiences for 15 years with his unique blend of magic, comedy and danger, including his signature stunt..."The world's most dangerous card trick". Watch as Adrian balances on the rola bola of death perched on a ladder and blindfolded, miraculously impaling the spectators chosen card on a sword in mid air.

Previous clients include Coke, Westpac, ING, Virgin, GIO insurance, Microsoft and many more. That's right Adrian is definitely Australia's number one for fun.

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