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Canberra mum Amber Nichols believes the best way to be a good role model to her baby son Charlie is not to give up on her dream of singing full-time. Despite maintaining a successful career as an account executive for a telco company, Amber still finds time to focus on her music.

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She performs regular gigs several times a week, and always brings her husband and Charlie along for support. Amber’s folk pop style is inspired by Australia’s own Sia, as well as Angus and Julia Stone. She plays guitar and keyboards and has had six years of vocal training. Family is important to Amber, she is expecting a second addition to her family towards the end of the year. Amber is also very close with her parents and brother Ethan, who has down syndrome. Ethan is a huge supporter of hers and their close relationship is evident in the song she penned for him titled ‘Oh My Lullaby.’

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