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With talent bursting at every corner of the globe, what makes an artist stand out so that one will listen & not forget? Meet siblings Ria, Christine and Ross Pirrelli… They have been described by some as Australia’s version of the famous Irish group “The Corrs”. Just like The Corrs, Audio Vixen consists of family members who between them command a smooth, velour like sound of beautiful harmonies; however Audio Vixen has a point of difference. Whilst the three enjoy the same style of adult contemporary music, their vocal qualities, their singing style and age difference between the three individuals are quite diverse which gives the group a unique difference.

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Though not yet a household name each member of the group has grown up with music always being very much a part of their lives. Along with their parents, veteran entertainers “Jay & Gisele”, they have strutted the stages of major events and clubs around Australia and recently in the USA, giving them the opportunity to learn about the craft of entertainment at a very early age. Vocal harmonies, dynamics, performance technique, audience contact and most importantly, an understanding of how the industry they are so passionate about works. These are the ingredients which have seasoned this group at such a young age. Ria, Chris and Ross have recently recorded an EP which consists of five songs. Three cover songs from the seventies and two originals which they have written. They have added their own special formula to the songs which resulted in a new age sound of some past hits, rubberstamped with a definite sound of their own. If you ask them what their musical ambition is they’ll tell you in a few short sentences; to write and sing great melodies and great lyrics, to succeed on the strengths of their talent without the influence of an image created by the music industry and to establish themselves as another of the many musical families who have left their own identity in the music industry.

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