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Carl was the first person to have Radio One’s Pete Tong do his “Essential Selection Radio Show ” live from NYC. For the next few years Carl toured the world’s international DJ circuit. GBH opened the world for me” said Carl.

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Carl Kennedy takes to the Gypsy lifestyle of an international DJ naturally. That is because he is quite literally a Gypsy, (or Traveler as English/Irish Gypsies are called). This past year has been no exception. Carl tours regularly throughout every country on the globe. He is a favorite at Ibiza’s famous Pacha. He has also played some of the biggest festivals in the world: Future in Australia, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the Budapest Love Parade in Hungary, Liberty parade in Romania. Pete Tong, a longtime supporter, has proclaimed Carl “One of the worlds best undiscovered Dj’s”

In 2011 Swedish House Mafia chose Carl to play alongside for them at Pacha in Ibiza and USHUIA for the closing party. This led to opening for SHM Roseland following their game changing MSG appearance. In addition Sebastian Ingrosso of SHM asked Carl to guest at his solo Roseland gig. Axwell has said of Carl that he : “knows exactly how to build up the mood of a crowd “when he invited Carl to play alongside them for SHM for their historic Madison Square Garden event.

2011 also saw the release, (on Erick Morillo’s Subliminal Records), of “Once Upon a Time” featuring the vocals of Australian model turned singer Cheyene Tozzi. The track was first featured by Erick at the ultra Music Festival and has been supported by Tiesto in his Clublife Podcast in rotation all year. It was also heavily featured in Pete Tong’s Radio One show for a total of 5 weeks ( leading in WMC).

Carl Started his own label, Wasted Youth whose motto is “A label run by the artists for the Artists”. Erick Morillo calls Carl: “One of the Stars in dance music who is doing it his way, sexy, dirty, rocky with energy. I’m very happy to have played a rolein his quest for releasing great dance music”. Wasted Youth is backed by Strictly Rhythm Records.

Production wise Carl has produced and released records on the worlds biggest independent dance labels, Toolroom, Subliminal, Stealth, MOS, CR2 . His biggest hits being The Love You Bring Me (RS Stealth) Ride The Storm (Pacha Recordings) Blackwater (Subliminal) , and now the highly anticipated (Out of My Mind) on Wasted Youth.

Growing up in rough and Tumble Birmingham, England, Carl had all the usual traveler interests. He loved boxing, greyhound racing, and music. He still boxes every day, keeps greyhounds in Australia, he still loves music. The young Carl moved to New york at 20, “New York was total culture shock” said Carl.

He tried his hand at watering but could not figure out cutlery, wine lists,or even how to fill out the job application he met a promoter at a club and this led to a job distributing flyers on the street for a club.”I saw these guys surrounded by girls waltzing into the clubs and quickly figured out I was on the wrong side of the fence”.

He started to meet the promoters starting out in the club life of the early 90′s. They quickly took to the “British lad hanging out with the rude boys with droopy pants” When they saw how popular Carl was with people. He started getting paid for bringing beautiful girls to the parties. “I couldn't believe you could get paid for going to clubs and hanging out” marvelled Carl. He went from handing out flyers to promoting on the fashion scene hip hop parties where you had P Diddy and Jay Z.

But one big thing missing from the frenetic scene of the time was music. “It was all hip hop all the time and for a boy raised on electronic music from the Birmingham clubs it was unbearable” said Carl. He started his own party -GBH- with this new music at Limelight in the term GBH, is slang in Britain for grieveious bodily harm. In this case it also meant Great British House.

GBH attracted the UK/European house music seeking expats, tourists, and DJ’s in NYC. The party became a huge success and is credited fro bringing electronic music to America. He shared DJ duties with every major heavyweight at the time including the Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim,Roger Sanches, Carl Cox, Mark Ronson and his mentor Eric Morillo. Carl estimates that GBH entertained more than a quarter million people during it’s run. It also cemented Carl’s reputation as a major player on the DJ circuit.

Carl was the first person to have Radio One’s Pete Tong do his “Essential Selection Radio Show ” live from NYC. For the next few years Carl toured the world’s international DJ circuit. GBH opened the world for me” said Carl. He did Ibiza, Easter Europe, Asia, all regions where electronic music was huge before it caught on in the US. He has had hits with “The Love you Bring Me” on Roger Sanchez Label “Ride the Storm” on Pacha Records, “Black Water” with Tommy Trash ,and supported world class DJ’s from Pete Tong to Tiesto to Eric Morillo.

Carl’s parents where the first generation of his family that lived in a house instead of a traveling caravan. His grandmother, who came from a German circus family, quit tightrope walking to devote herself to having 12 children. But Carl seems to have no plans for settling down anytime soon. He calls Brooklyn USA home but spends most of his time Djing the international circuit. Once a gypsy always a gypsy…

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