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In every genre of music, in every country where a significant movement exists for that genre there is somebody recognized as the pillar of that music’s local scene. When you’re talking about hip-hop music in New Zealand, Sir-Vere is that guy! And after years of hustling and building the NZ hip-hop scene to disproportionately successful levels, Sir-Vere launched his attack on the Australian scene with the release of Major Flavours Vol 1 in 2006 and the sequel in 2007.

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Demonstrating his understanding of local trends, Sir-Vere’s Australian release of the Major Flavours mix CD featured music by local artists including Phrase, Ken Hell and Illy amongst others. Since the release of the first Australian Major Flavors, Sir-Vere’s regular appearance at clubs around the nation has helped to develop his recognition of the subtle differences between the tastes and trends of his homeland and that of Australian audiences.

This combined with his longstanding personal relationships with urban heavy-hitters in the US contributes to a highly anticipated Major Flavours 3, packed with exclusives and much loved joint rocking jams.

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