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The Euphoria String Trio is a professional violin show for any kind of event, whether they are concerts, fashion shows, parties, weddings or corporate events (and more). Their repertoire includes different style songs, including arranged classical music, pop and rock covers, club, folk and jazz.

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The Euphoria String Trio brings together a lovely harmonious sound and a visual spectacle that will leave a lasting impression and keep your guests wanting more. Their show brings euphoria to the senses, with excitement throughout, and unforgettable moments.

The Euphoria ladies have years of experience performing for show programs around the world. They have worked in close cooperation with many companies in dozens of countries in over 4 continents.

Each member of the Euphoria ensemble has successfully completed a degree at the National Musical Academy of Ukraine and taken part in numerous concerts and shows, ranging widely in style and composition. Having been in many musical projects, and coming from a rich musical background, the Eurphoria String Trio brings to you their incomparable and captivating spirit.

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