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Across the better half of the last decade, G-Wizard has traversed the countryside, flipping beats, bootlegs and party jams to create a show of pure electronic energy. Legend of the Wizard’s magic rapidly spread throughout the lands, and before long, artists like Rihanna, Will.I.Am, Usher, Chris Brown, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Red Foo were commissioning the wax master to warm their stages and soundtrack their private parties.

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Quickly finding a home in the main-room of Australia’s institutional clubs, Wiz parlayed his signature energy and showmanship into regular appearances at some of the country’s premiere dance spaces Marquee (Sydney), HQ Complex (Adelaide) and Liv Nightclub (Gold Coast), earning universal praise for his explosive energy and live remixes, making complete use of all 4 cdjs. In addition to enchanting the ears of thousands across Australia’s clubs week-in-week-out, G-Wizard bring his taste making and technique to the airwaves via 'G-Wizard Radio', broadcast every Friday on The Edge 96.1FM (NSW – Australian Radio Network). From stage to studio, G-Wizard has been bouncing out his own bass laden sound, transposing pop and dance smashes into havoc inducing club cuts, remixing for the likes Marvin Priest, Tom Piper & Daniel Farley, Elen Levon, Kronic and Bombs Away. In 2013, G-Wizard has already made his made his presence felt with two Top 30 charting releases; the number-one selling Serotonin and his brand new single Great Relief, released via Bombs Away's Bombsquad label. That's not to mention mixing and touring multiple compilation CD's, including the forth-coming Ministry of Sound: Maximum Bass Nitro. However, the greatest trick up the wizards proverbial sleeve is his fourth quarter single with West Coast legends Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, Checkmate! Already gaining pre-release support from some of Australia's finest, Checkmate will transform Wizard from revered DJ into EDM luminary.

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