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Gatsbys Cotton Club Party has the elegance of the Great Gatsby and the danger of Harlem after dark. Imagine going back to the dangerous and exciting times of the 1920’s, when alcohol and gambling were prohibited and swing and jazz ruled. The High Rollers Big Band present to you an amazing show to take you back to the Roaring 20’s and bring you back to the Crooning 50’s. As Jay Gatsby said. “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Because alcohol has been outlawed, we’re forced to party behind closed doors at the High Rollers underground speakeasy, also known as the Bootleg Cotton Club. Upon purchasing your ticket, you’ll receive a secret code, which you’ll give to the guy at the door ~ and then and only then, will you be allowed entrance to the best Gin Joint in town. Perfect for any corporate event or product launch needing some cool jazz tunes or great swing music .. look no further then Gatsbys Cotton Club Party band. The band can provide full production (Sound system, lighting & operators), professional swing dancers, burlesque & cabaret performers.  Whatever your requirements, they can tailor a show to suit your specific needs and budget.

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