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Once upon a time, there was a young girl and a young guy that liked to sit and think about the future together. They would talk about what was to become of them, where they were going to go, and who they were going to be. They were musicians too by the way, and they loved everything about music, but as they learnt about the rules of life they were meant to follow, there became a burning desire for more. A little candle, flickering with creativity and a desire for something different.

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Over time, their dinner conversations turned to jam sessions and singalong’s, and today this guy and this girl are heart.beats.mind. the Sydney based pop/folk duo that are going to make you smile.

This mischievous duo, comprised of Elle May and Jordan Millar, have now played hundreds of shows together. Independently they’ve won big awards (Live & local, MusicOz, National Songwriting Competition), toured the country with the likes of The Fray, Christina Perri, Xavier Rudd and many more, but together their chemistry is undeniable. As their two voices intertwine over their pop hooks, be prepared to be drawn into their world and experience their playful and quirky tunes that’ll run through your minds and play your hearts strings.

But it is at this point in the story that we have to talking about what’s happened already, and start realizing what’s coming next. Something honest, something real and something big.

Its this sort of thing that happens all the time, when the heart.beats.mind.

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