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Jess & Matt have been making sweet music together for the last 12 months. A couple on stage and off, they impressed at auditions with their acoustic version of Vance Joy's Georgia. "Your voices complement each other so beautifully," Guy told them. The 24-year-olds started out as solo artists but became a duo a year ago. "We had this one gig together and the venue really liked us so they asked the agency if they could have Jess & Matt," Jess says.

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  Matt laughs: "Saving petrol and using the one car was a big thing!" The Sydney lovebirds have been slogging it out on the pubs and clubs circuit for the last five years. They saw The X Factor as an opportunity to share their music with a wider audience. "The dream is to be playing to millions of people and having people know your songs. The X Factor is a great platform for that." Jess grew up listening to 70s folk music from the likes of James Taylor and Carole King while Matt was influenced by blues and R&B legends such as Stevie Wonder. Being a couple will work in their favour according to Jess. "We know each other inside out and have each other as support through the competition."

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