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His best friend is an owl and he has a penchant for blue velour berets and giant shoes … but somehow Jimmy Giggle has become the ABC's newest pin-up boy. Giggle, aka James Rees, is the host of the ABC2 children's show Giggle and Hoot, a ''wrapper program'' airing twice a day filled with shows aimed at kids aged two to six.

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Rees, 24, a media school drop-out with no television background, was plucked from more than 5000 candidates to anchor the preschoolers afternoon-to-early-evening slot. It is his job as Jimmy Giggle to introduce the shows, chat with his co-host (a puppet owl named Hoot) and interact with the young viewers. But in the year or so since the program went to air, it is the mums who have been taking notice. Live appearances are taking on a strangely Beatlesque edge and online parenting forums are peppered with comments from mums wondering if there is a Mrs Giggle.

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