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Fresh from getting hitched in Capetown, South Africa, Nathaniel Willemse's folks decided to honeymoon in Australia and promptly fell in love with the place. So much so that a few years later when his Dad was offered a job down under, they packed up six year old Nathaniel with the rest of the family and settled in Melbourne for good.

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Nathaniel’s family didn't count on their son making an impact with Australian TV audiences, not once but twice, and ending up as this country's newest star, but you'd have to say it’s not a bad result. It helped that there was a strong musical undercurrent running through the family that nurtured and encouraged Nathaniel’s talent from a young age. "Music was a big part of growing up," says Nathaniel. "My mum sings and my dad's brothers could all sing and play an instrument. Poor old dad was the only one who missed out on the musical skills!" Nathaniel certainly got his fair share of the Willemse musical talent. A musician, songwriter and producer, Nathaniel grabbed the nation's attention with his soaring, soulful voice on The X Factor in 2012, just as he had a few years earlier on Australian Idol. "Being on Idol made me realise that I wasn't ready," Nathaniel reflects. "I wasn't yet a musician or songwriter, my voice was still maturing, and I hadn't worked out who I was as an artist."

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