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Looking for something different?  Strings on Fire is the ONLY stage show of its kind in the world.  Virtuosic violin playing is combined with breathtaking circus stunts by the violinists themselves as they perform beautiful, contemporary renditions of much-loved music.

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Three violinists, with bows aflame, continue playing without missing a beat as they perform complex acrobalance manoeuvres and other daring circus tricks.  All to a thrilling backing track, interwoven with virtuosic violin solos.  This fabulous display of beauty, physical theatre and musical prowess is guaranteed to leave your audience gasping!

The show begins dramatically as a choreographed electric violin trio with sensationally produced beats & backing.  Little do the audience suspect what is in store for them, until one of the trio breaks out of step to balance his violin precariously on his chin!

Candelabras, roses and violinists are balanced, knives juggled, flaming bows are used in a dynamic violin duel, as this thrilling trio race toward the stunning shoulder-stand finale.  All without missing a note!

With over 1000 live performances and three world tours behind them, they hit the mark every time. Guaranteed to set your event apart from the rest. In fact, Australia’s most unique & unusual events duo will SET YOUR NIGHT ON FIRE!

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